Day 9 of Vegetative: Check Environments / Check Moisture in Cubes

Day 9

You will be checking for roots at the bottom of the cubes tomorrow. Fingers crossed, let’s hope we have some! If you clearly see roots forming, perfect! Continue on to day 10 as planned.

If you are not seeing roots tomorrow or are only seeing a few, keep repeating day 9 until you can clearly see the roots coming out of each cube. I know your anxious, but transplanting an immature plant can do more harm than good, it is better to wait. Remember that different strains root at different times, some take longer than others.

Check List:

  1. Check Environments.
  2. Check Moisture in Cubes.
  3. Water / saturate cubes with ½ strength Light Feed IF NEEDED.


– Gloves

– R.O. or Dechlorinated Water

– Nutrients to make 1/2 strength Light Feed

– Syringe / Measuring Devices