Learn the vocabulary used in our tutorials and the cannabis community that newer growers would not be familiar with.


To stir up or mix liquid. (We agitate our water resevoirs with air stones).


The act of allowing air to enter and escape a certain object to evenly distribute air throughout the product. (We burp our finished product in turkey oven bags).


The very top continuous layer of foliage of the plants. (Our goal is to keep our canopy as level as possible throughout its vegetation stage).


Also known as “nutrient lock” Is when particles stick to one another. In the soil world, cohesion occurs when water sticks to water. This is usually caused by an excess amount of salts and minerals in the soil that “bind” the soil particles, not allowing the roots to uptake any water or nutrients from the soil. (We flush our plants often to avoid cohesion).

Drift (spraying):

Occurs when air has moved spray particles unwillingly from the target. (Do not leave any wall or ventilation fans on while treating to avoid drifting of the product).

Fulvic Acid:

Fulvic acid is a yellow-brown substances found in natural material, it is also found in decaying plants and animals.


A product used to terminate fungus .


The genetic makeup of a certain organism. Usually associated with Phenotype.


A product used to terminate insects.


The substance in which an organism lives or is cultured in.


Any unwanted person, insect, or thing in the garden. (Man that grower can really be a pest around here some times).


Stands for power of hydrogen. We measure pH to evaluate how acidic or basic our water solutions or run-off from the soil are.


A list of observable characteristics of each plant resulting from the interactions of its Genotype with the environment. (Pay close attention to each phenotype and which ones look the healthiest or best, it is recommended to reproduce off the better phenotypes).


PPM’s stand for Parts Per Millions. We measure PPM for carbon and other particles in the soil or water.

Reverse Osmosis Water:

Water that has been filtered removing pollutants, bacteria, chlorine & chloramines, and other particles leaving the water very clean. How clean? Cleaner than distilled water.


The excess water or nutrient solution draining from the bottom of the pot. (We take readings of pH and PPM from the runoff after we water the plants).

Target Pests:

Particular things you select as the aim of attack to eliminate or eradicate. 

Target Temperatures / Humidity / CO2:

Certain environment parameters and objectives you are trying to meet or move towards.