The Chronic Method

The Grow Course and Videos are designed to demonstrate a specific way to cultivate cannabis from seed to harvest that we KNOW is successful time after time. The Course provides material lists, environment charts, feed schedules, preventative pest treatment programs, and other valuable information that will help keep you your garden on track daily. The videos also provide great visual demonstrations of cultivation techniques and practices we use in the garden.  Our main focus is help cultivators simply grow the Chronic whether it is for personal therapies or to maintain respect in the commercial markets. 

The Videos

Get access to over 20 videos that demonstrate specific projects, cultural practices, and tips when cultivating cannabis. Topics of these videos include 1. Planting Seeds
2. Cloning
3. Transplanting
4. Topping
5. Defoliating
6. Harvesting

21 Videos

Full Grow Course

A complete program of videos, literature, and specific information that walks with you daily from seed to harvest. This course includes access to over 20 videos, environment charts, feed schedules, preventative pest treatment program, and daily resources to help ensure success in the garden!

135 Day Course (From Seed)