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A daily training guide to ensure  success in indoor gardens when it comes to cultivating high quality cannabis from seed /clone to harvest. 

The Chronic Method

 The courses and videos we provide gives specific information on how to cultivate your crop with methodologies and practices we use from seed to harvest. The final results from how we grow has been proven to beat industry standards and meet our expectations time and time again. The information in the course will give material lists, environment charts, feed schedules, preventative pest treatment programs, check lists, and other helpful information to efficiently organize and execute your cultivation schedule. Whether you are a commercial grower that needs a road map to consistently provide your customers with more than satisfaction, or a residential / hobby grower looking to cultivate your own without the headaches – The Full Grow Course is for you!




Access to over 20 videos that demonstrate specific projects, cultural practices, and techniques when cultivating cannabis. Topics of these videos include cloning, transplanting, topping, defoliating, harvesting, and many more.




The Complete Program:

20+ Demonstration Videos

Material Lists

Check Lists

Daily Environment Charts

Day Specific Feed Schedule

Organic Gardening Compliant

Preventative Pest Treatment



Become an Expert

If you are ready to start growing dispensary quality cannabis right at home we are here to help. If you are new to growing cannabis, our courses and videos are designed to avoid costly mistakes in the garden and instantly provide value to the hard earned money and time that is being invested.
If you are already growing cannabis and feel you might need a helping hand, The Chronic Method can help provide the proper tools to lift your confidence, efficiencies, and overall skills in the garden. 

Get Real Results

,Beginner to average growers have attained 85 – 100+ grams (dry flower) per square foot using these grow tools and methodologies.  This is roughly equivalent to 1+ grams per watt or 3+ pounds per 1000 Watt Light. (Total dry product.)

– “But doesn’t genetics play a huge role in that?”

Of course they do! Growing genetics that are groomed to the methodologies and environments we grow by, used in conjunction with our grow course is a sure way to get a head start and provides some reassurance there will be great success in the garden.

User Friendly

Our learning tools are meant to provide a user friendly experience at the tips of your fingers from a laptop, tablet, or phone. The instructional and informative information can be useful to almost any beginner, intermediate, or advanced grower looking to expand their knowledge or cultivation experience. With our day-by-day grow guide (The Full Grow Course) that walks through a daily process of how to cultivate, it is designed for you to win every time. What if you have trouble? We will always be here for you, just contact us



These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us!

How important is lighting when growing cannabis indoors?

Lighting is one of the most important factors when growing any crop, it is simply the plant’s food. Without photosynthesis, there is no possible way to attain growth.

Is pH important?

Yes pH is very important because it affects the plants ability to absorb nutrients.

How do I know when to harvest my plants?

There are a few ways to determine whether the plant is at its peak point to harvest or not. The best way is under a microscope where clear images of the tip of the trichomes are prevalent. When the tip of the trichome is half amber color and half clear, it is ready. Another way to determine peak point is the color of the pistils on the flowers, once half of the pistils have turned reddish/orange and half is white, the plant should be harvested soon if you are trying to attain maximum potency. 

How do I get rid of pests in the garden?

The best defense against pests in the garden is maintaining a healthy, vigorous plant. There are many factors that play a role when trying to defend pests in the garden, temperature, humidity, and cleanliness are three priorities any grower should have when trying to be preventative. Our courses help you provide information with preventative programs and products to help you maintain that healthy garden every time.

Where do I get seeds?

You can order seeds on the internet, or depending on your location check at your local dispensary. It is highly recommended to do your research and attain your seeds from a reputable and reliable source.

What is the best soil for growing cannabis?

There are many types of soil on the market today that are designed for growing premium potted plants. There is not really a “best soil” for growing cannabis. However, soil amendments should be customized to what is trying to be achieved. The soil we use in The Chronic Method is the best for our style and circumstances.

What is a run-off and why is it important?

A run-off is the collection of the excess nutrient or flush solutions that run out of the bottom of the pot after watering. It is important to record and track runoffs because it helps estimate cleanliness and pH of soil.

     “I have worked with Tyler, and with his knowledge, experience and use of The Chronic Method he did exactly what he said he would do.  More importantly, I can testify to the fact that not only did Tyler and Jeremy deliver on what they said they would, they showed up every day, worked hard and truly cared about myself, my team and the success of my business. I’m confident that Tyler and Jeremy will show the same commitment, passion and consistency to all of their future clients as they showed me.

     “Here is a little bit about my facility and the results I experienced working with The Chronic Method.  I have two, 500 square feet flower rooms with 10 tons of AC per room.  Each room holds 64 plants (8 tables) and those ladies sit under (QTY 18) 1000W Nanolux double ended HPS lights.  Below are my production numbers and yield reports by harvest before and after working with Tyler and Jeremy.

Harvest 8 (1/12/19): Wet Weight: 297.37 lbs   /    Flower weight: 36 lbs

Harvest 9 (2/20/19): Wet Weight:  302.78 lbs   /   Flower weight: 29 lbs

The Chronic Method Start Date: 3/6/19

Harvest 10 (4/5/19):  Wet weight: 315.79 lbs   /   Flower weight: 34 lbs

Harvest 11 (5/22/19): Wet weight 426.80 lbs   /   Flower weight: 41.25 lbs

Harvest 12 (7/10/19): Wet weight: 429.96 lbs  /  Flower weight: 37.5 lbs 

(+45% wet weight increase from Harvest 8)

Harvest 13 (7/30/19): Wet weight: 400.64 lbs  /  Flower weight: 47.5 lbs

(+64% sellable flower weight increase from Harvest 9)

Jeffery Johannes

Owner, Tall Trees- Aurora, Colorado

“ The videos were super easy to navigate and have 100% helped in my yields and quality of plants, also learned how to make my grow more efficient and can definitely tell plants are happier and growing faster! “

Jordan Andrew

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