Day 6 of Vegetative: Check Environments / Check Moisture in Cubes

Day 6

Keep checking your environments and the moisture in the cubes. If you have a clone you could spare, you may pull the clone out of the rockwool cube to see the results of where you cut the clone. You should start to see callus tissue or a “scab” like looking material forming from where you cut the clone 6 days ago. Depending on certain strains, you may even see roots! This is very much like a “scab” on a human’s skin that has to develop first before roots can start forming. Interesting huh?

Check List:

  1. Check Environments.
  2. Check Moisture in Cubes.
  3. Water / saturate cubes with ½ strength Light Feed IF NEEDED.


– Gloves

– R.O. or Dechlorinated Water

– Nutrients to make 1/2 strength Light Feed

– Syringe / Measuring Devices