Day 5 of Vegetative: Check Environments / Check Moisture in Cubes

Day 5

Today, make sure that the cubes still have an adequate amount of moisture in them, if they feel that they are getting light or have less than 30% moisture content it is good water the cubes again with Reverse Osmosis Water (R.O.) water or a ½ strength Light Feed. The cubes can start to dry out at any time while in the dome, it is important to not let them dry out too much because the small root system it contains will die, causing the plant to die as well. However, it is just as important to not over-water the cubes to where they are sitting in puddles of water either, keep a happy medium.

Check List:

  1. Check Environments.
  2. Check Moisture in Cubes.
  3. Water / saturate cubes with ½ strength Light Feed IF NEEDED.


– Gloves

– R.O. or Dechlorinated Water

– Nutrients to make 1/2 strength Light Feed

– Syringe / Measuring Devices