Day 1 of Vegetative: Cloning

Day 1


Cloning is a process of reproducing another plant from an existing mature plant. The growth of a plant that has been cloned is faster than a plant that has been grown from seed. Not only is the growth faster with clones, if done properly, you can create further and better generations through cloning. Think of the seedling as the 1st generation. Once you have cloned from the first generation, the clone you just took is the second generation. Phenotypes start to peak around the 4th and 5 generations.

Check List:

  1. Check Environments – Refer to the Veg Environment Chart.
  2. Prep Materials needed to clone.


– Gloves

– New scissors

– Clonex Gel

– Shot glass

– 1.5” Grodan cubes

– 5 gallon bucket

– R.O. or Dechlorinated water

– Complete clone dome

– Thermometer