Day 14 of Vegetative: Check Environments / Clone Transplant / Mixing Nutrients

Day 14

The Clone Transplant persists of inserting the clone into a larger cube. This allows the plant’s root system to grow and become larger, resulting in better and faster growth for the plant. Remember, The 4” Grodan cube is the same hydroponic medium as the smaller clone cubes, so make sure to not let the cubes dry out too much throughout the entire time they are in the 4” cube. A good rule of thumb is to not let them get below 30% moisture content.

Check List:

  1. Double Check Environments, humidity, temps, and light intensity change today.
  2. Remove Clone Dome lid fully to acclimate plants even more. 
  3. Turn Back Ballast to 60% or 600 Watts (300-700 PAR).



– 4” Grodan Rockwool Cube

– R.O. water / Dechlorinated water

– Safer Fungicide

– Tea Pitcher/Container for Dunking

– Nutrients

– Measuring Devices for nutrients

– pH Meter