Day 10 of Vegetative: Check Environments / Check Moisture in Cubes / Acclimate Dome to 25%

Day 10

Day 10 in the clone dome is usually the day roots are visible from the bottom of the cubes and the root systems are starting to thrive, in desired growing conditions. If the roots are clearly visible on the bottom of the cubes and the root system is abundant, it is now time to start acclimating drier air into the clone dome little by little to help the plant adjust to their new environment when it comes time to perform the clone transplant. Remember to check the moisture in the cube since you are starting to introduce drier air into the dome, this could dry the cubes out faster.

Check List:

  1. Check Environments.
  2. Check Moisture in Cubes.
  3. Water / saturate cubes with ½ strength Light Feed IF NEEDED.
  4. Acclimate Clone Dome to 25%.


– Gloves

– R.O. or Dechlorinated Water

– Nutrients to make 1/2 strength Light Feed

– Syringe / Measuring Devices